Senin, 11 Juli 2011

How to remove the black spots on face?

 Acne spots or black spots on face is very annoying. How to remove that black spots?
Clean your face with green coconut water and wait until dry for one hour. after that, wash your face with cool water. Beside for remove the black spots, green coconut water has very good advantage for our skins. it makes our skin smooth and shiny.
Another ways to remove black spots on face : 
take a rice water which has white colour like coconut milk , filtered and precipitated for one day. and then separate the water from that precipitated, use the precipitated  and spread to the face which has black spots or acne spots. After dry, then wash your face. for get the clean and white skin you should do this regularly everyday.

The other ways to remove black spots on face :
provide fresh milk and lemon,mix both of milk and lemon, then spread on the face .Wait until dry then wash with warm water.Beside help to wiping black spots, it make our skin become shiny and white.
let's try and get the beauty skin

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